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The 5 Senses of Leadership

Many people believe that Leadership is a noun.  They see it as something they can obtain and have as their own. A stationary position that is impacted by events and situations around them.   In truth, leadership is a verb.  It’s an action built up of other actions, moving with and around circumstances they face.

The body of a leader may be at the front of the charge but the five senses are the leadership traits that guide them to that position.

SEE the goal.  Leaders have a vision.  They know where they are currently and where they want their group to be.

SNIFF out the plan.  Knowing the goal, leaders search for the best plan of action and find the most capable people or possibilities to lead to success.

EXPLAIN clearly.  Leaders must effectively communicate the plan and how it relates to each individual as well as the group as a whole.

LISTEN and learn.  Leaders understand that true success is based on if the vision of the group was realized.  Not whether the plan was strictly adhered to.  Leaders listen to others with empathy and honesty for the good of the group.

TAKE responsibility.  Leaders consistently hold others accountable yet seek ways to celebrate the successes of their team.  True leaders always hold themselves ultimately accountable despite the outcome.  Always.

In the end, leadership is about people.


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